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Monthly Archives: April 2014

Slowly on the mend again

Rob has spent a lot of time asleep over the last couple of days as he recovers from his frightening episode. His chest is still very sore when he is turned and it is difficult to be very chirpy when… Continue reading

Time to get out and about

It has been pretty hectic at home since getting back on Monday. There was a lot of unpacking and sorting to do as Rob was sent home with all essential equipment plus a 1 month supply of all the consumables.… Continue reading

Home sweet Home

Last Sunday in Horatio's garden

Last Sunday in Horatio’s garden

The day finally arrived and Rob said his goodbyes and thank you to all the staff and friends that he made at Salisbury Spinal Unit exactly 7 months after that fateful accident. Bit of a… Continue reading

The final lap

The session in the power chair with all that chin control had the same effect on Rob’s neck muscles as it would if anyone suddenly played squash for 2 hours having not played for 6 months! Rob needed more time… Continue reading

Motoring Update

Test drives for both a power chair and car. A VW Caravelle was brought along for Rob to see how he felt in it. Immediately it was apparent that there was plenty of space for Rob with two rear facing… Continue reading

A night in the flat

Having passed the risk assessment it was off to the flat for the night. Almost needed a removal van to take all the equipment needed but it was well worth it. Rob really enjoyed being able to watch a meal… Continue reading

Dragon work

At work in the privacy of the potting shed

At work in the privacy of the potting shed

Having had a relatively quiet day enjoying the sunshine on the patio and then watching the IT Crowd with Ash Rob spent several hours in the evening using Dragon dictation to… Continue reading