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Monthly Archives: March 2014

BBQ time

As the sun shone through the window Rob suggested asking if we could use the hospital BBQ that he had spotted. No sooner said than done and following a trip to the local butcher which thankfully was open on a… Continue reading

Escape to the country

Friday saw Rob take a trip out of the hospital for a tea party in the cottage that we have rented nearby. So it was the first time travelling in a car and tea and cakes with his Mum, Buffy,… Continue reading

Standing ovation as the PEG goes

The week has seen further progress towards preparations for getting home. The PEG came out on Wednesday. As it meant no food for a while so that Rob’s stomach was empty for the procedure Rob felt the need to ensure… Continue reading

A date for the stones

Great news this week as Rob eventually has been given a date for his kidney stone removal. It is scheduled for the last week of March which means that the time for getting home may only be delayed for a… Continue reading

The weekend seemed a bit up and down. Rob had another autonomic dysreflexia episode thought to be due to movement of one of his kidney stones – not nice. Having got over that the next day’s Sunday lunch was a… Continue reading

Visit from Matt King OBE

Matt King was good enough to travel from Bedford to visit Rob and share his experiences. Matt suffered the same injury as Rob when he was 17 in 2004 and has gone on to live his life to the full,… Continue reading