Helping Rob cope with Tetraplegia

Blue lights, sirens and letter boards

Rob should have been reporting on a powerchair demo today but instead he is back in Frenchay ICU having had a severe problem with his lung ventilation which did not respond to the usual cough assist and suctioning. A 999 call at 7am was the start of a pretty harrowing day which saw all Rob’s vital parameters take a dive more than once. To be told later that “Rob is now out of danger” is an indication of just how serious things became. Xrays, CT scan, Chest drains, new trachy, general anaesthetic, the lot. – 6 hours in the emergency room before eventual transfer to the ICU unit.
Thankfully as we left tonight Rob was in a stable condition and settled. Owing to the fact that he had to have his trachy cuff inflated all communication was by the letter board once again. Hopefully tomorrow will give some answers to what exactly triggered the problem and we will find Rob itching to get home again.