Helping Rob cope with Tetraplegia

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Chicken curry for tea followed by a session on the eyegaze with help from his sister. “Kirsty I need you to find the fours” and the reply came image ” I am here for you sir”

Wycliffe “Coll mates” descend

There was much laughter and reminiscing when a car full of  school mates came down to visit Rob today. There certainly was no shortage of banter going in all directions.  Gill found out more about Collingwood than she did from parent’s eveningsimage

Had a good evening as now that there is internet access we were able to set up skype for Rob. Great to chat with Buffy and Philip in New Zealand for the first time since the accident having spentimage many… Continue reading

The nurses did all they could, crackers and all, imageto make Christmas a family affair and set a table up by Rob’s bed so that we could have Christmas lunch together. We did not trust that the pigs in blankets… Continue reading

So Santa found out that I had moved to Salisbury. Christmas with a difference but really enjoyed opening presents with Mum, Dad and Kirsty this morning. Rob really appreciates the good wishes sent through from friends and family and he… Continue reading

The eagle has landed

Made it through ICU without too much trouble then took a long bed push ride through the corridors of the hospital to the spinal unit with a quick detour into x-ray on the way. So now Rob is in the… Continue reading

New boy in Salisbury

Journey went quickly and well for Rob, pity Izzy (Rob’s nurse) felt car sick!!!

All settled in Salisbury ICU where they all seem really nice. Unfortunately got to go back to pureed food until they repeat Rob’s swallowing test on… Continue reading