Helping Rob cope with Tetraplegia

Two weeks to remember ending in First Class Honours

Rob has just completed an amazing two weeks. The first of his law firm summer vacation schemes was at Osborne Clarke in their head office at Temple Quay Bristol. The original plan was that Rob would be in his flat by then to cut his commute down by an hour each way. This would mean that he could maximise his time actually in the office working with the lawyers. The adaptations to the flat took a week longer than hoped but realistically Terry Stevenson and his team did a fantastic job in getting it ready for week two. So it was back into the Holiday Inn in central Bristol for a week which worked very well as a stop gap. Having completed the first week at Osborne Clarke it was then move time and all Rob’s kit and equipment was moved from the hotel into his flat on the Friday morning ready for Rob when he finished work that day.

Last day in the office at Osborne Clarke

All went smoothly and Rob took the opportunity to keep off his mark for most of the weekend in his new bedroom. So the second week in Osborne Clarke was based from Rob’s new flat with less than a 10 minute commute to work. Robert thoroughly enjoyed the two weeks and it certainly confirmed that he was following the right career path. H
Rob planned to go back home for the weekend to watch the Lions first test and join in with his sister Kirsty’s 21st Birthday party. On the way home he checked his e-mails – his finals results were in. A quick log on his university portal and there it was- Politics and Philosophy passed with First Class Honours Nothing more than Rob deserved for all his efforts but Rob kept logging on and off just to check it was real!
Rob’s care team have been tremendous in being helpful and adaptable to enable these two weeks to go so well. The logistics of starting a shift in one place and finishing in another and coping with city traffic on Friday summer evenings have all been taken in their stride – A big thank you to them all.