Helping Rob cope with Tetraplegia


Old Wycliffian Ronald Bathgate is planning his own walk4rob on 31 May.

“It seems a very long way to go to Gloucestershire to walk the short distance I can manage at my age – I left Wycliffe in 1951. So I have decided to plan my own Walk4Rob nearer to home – a Three Parks walk starting at my home, passing Ruskin Park, Dulwich Park and Brockwell Park in southeast London, and ending up back at my house. That is a circuit of about 3.3 miles. I aim to go round this circuit as many times as I can on 31 May. I would expect to get round twice without too much difficulty, with pauses for rest and refreshment; I would be quite surprised if I could get round three times, and amazed if I could get round four times on that day. “ – Ronald Bathgate

If you would like to sponsor Ronald please visit his Donation Page.

Good luck Ronald, and thank you for supporting Cammpaign4Rob.