Helping Rob cope with Tetraplegia


Alison successfully completed her daring abseil, here’s what she had to say about it all:

Well..that was some experience!

Ready for the drop!

Ready for the drop!

The drive down to Portsmouth wasn’t much fun…down to 30 mph on the M3 due to torrential rain, the thought crossing my mind that, maybe, it wasn’t going to happen after all…wasn’t sure whether that prospec…t was disappointing or comforting?!
I eventually arrived & saw the height of the Spinnaker Tower by which time it had stopped raining & thought “oh shit!”
Never been one for backing out so I tried to put on a brave front & listened carefully to the excellent instruction & safety info..& then away we went.

It was nothing like the stylish, athletic stuff you see in the movies (or the old Milk Tray adverts)…more of an ungainly, dangle & slide down a very shiny, smooth wall!
I took on board all the instructions apart from the one about making sure you stop on the way down to admire the view…”sod the view” I thought…”let’s get this over with ASAP!” I think I had the prize for the quickest descent, my leather gloved hands were red hot anyway!!
The point of the exercise was, of course, to raise money for Cammpaign4Rob, which I’ve already mentioned in a previous post. Thanks to everyone who has donated already, if any of the number of you who have commented or liked my photos or status postings feel inclined to make a donation it would be very much appreciated & will help Rob along with his goal of taking up his place at Bristol Uni later this year. 
Thanks to Alex Embiricos for suggesting it (I’ll get her later!) & to “Appetite for Adventure” for a very well organised event.

Well done Alison and thank you for supporting Rob and his future.


Spinnaker Tower, Portsmouth

Spinnaker Tower, Portsmouth

Friend of the family Alison Dare is clearly missing the adrenaline rush of riding point-to-point winners and has chosen to take the plunge on behalf of Rob.

“On 4th June I will be taking part in the 300ft abseil challenge at Portsmouth’s Spinnaker Tower!x.   
Probably, at my age, I should be looking at less demanding challenges but I’m hoping some of you would be kind enough to sponsor me as I’m doing this to help raise funds for Cammpaign4Rob.
My connection to Rob is through his father Ian, who is a Cheltenham Racecourse vet and was also Dick Baimbridge’s vet for most of the 23 seasons I was race-riding with him.”Alison Dare

Alison has a Donation Page for anyone who wants to support her moment of madness!

Good luck Alison and thank you for supporting Cammpaign4Rob.