Helping Rob cope with Tetraplegia


Many congratulations Vanessa on your remarkable achievement in completing the Severn Bridge Half Marathon and then the next day setting out on your own challenge to cycle 100 miles from Salisbury to Gloucester to raise funds for Cammpaign4Rob. Vanessa’s donation page remains open if you would like to support her and in so doing support Rob.

Vanessa’s husband Don writes……

Ready, Steady,Go

Ready, Steady,Go


“The half marathon was the inaugural Severn bridge run and the first time the bridge has been closed to traffic since it opened. 2,500 runners set of on the bridge and the weather was ideal for running – dry and not too warm. The course was very difficult with a killer hill about 7 miles from the start and then an incline at the very end which caught a few people out. Vanessa finished in a good time, but not a PB as she needed to conserve some energy for the cycle the following day. Thankfully no injuries and after a hot bath we headed off to Salisbury.

Stage 1 Completed

Stage 1 Completed


A good nights sleep was followed by the alarm ringing at 0600 on a Bank Holiday Monday!!!! opening the curtains it was obvious it had rained all night and was still raining. When we reached the start at Salisbury Cathedral it was still wet and Vanessa was very wet by the time we had taken a couple of photographs. The cycle to Stonehenge was uneventful and the traffic was quiet as we had left the cathedral at around 0815. From Stonehenge the road was getting busier and the rain continued to pour down. To be fair all drivers were very considerate throughout the whole trip.

A Very Wet Bristol

A Very Wet Bristol

Vanessa changed footwear three times and a complete change of clothes once. The problem was that Vanessa did not have waterproof trousers and with it being a bank holiday we couldn’t buy any. The rain was now very heavy and at around the time we reached Bristol the wind was starting to get up. I got lost in Bristol so Vanessa asked some visitors to take a picture of her with her mobile. We eventually met up on the A38 and we met some friends which lifted spirits in spite of the rain. Just after Thornbury we stopped for some food and a further change of socks for Vanessa but by now the rain was extremely heavy and it was very windy. After a few more miles I could see that Vanessa was starting to struggle and started to walk pushing her bike as the wind chill when cycling was becoming unbearable. I stopped to check near Newport (Glos) and Vanessa was very grey in the face, was wobbling when cycling and walking, shaking uncontrollably and her lips were blue. I let her cycle for a few more minutes and then decided to stop her as I could see she was getting worse and was worried that the next call would be for a medic.
Vanessa was not happy and wanted to carry on, but I just put the bike in the car and took her home for a well deserved bath. I am very proud of what she achieved and in the conditions of rain 100% of the time it was truly remarkable. She is still not happy that she did not complete the challenge distance of 100 miles but is learning to accept it”

Having spoken with Vanessa we are pleased to report that after a hot bath, a good nights sleep and a well deserved sports massage she has made a full recovery. Many congratulations and thank you for supporting Rob.


Vanessa King has come up with her own combination challenge to raise funds for Cammpaign4Rob:

“I am 61 years old and I am running a half marathon and the following day I will cycle 100 miles from Salisbury Cathedral to Bristol Cathedral and finish at Gloucester Cathedral” – Vanessa King

The half marathon is an organised event which will include running across the ‘old’ Severn Bridge as part of the 13.1 mile route.

“The ‘old’ Severn Bridge is an iconic landmark – it’s a unique and exhilarating place to run – open to the elements on all sides and with fantastic views – you will be running between sea and sky.

This is also a unique opportunity to run across the bridge on the closed M48 main carriageway – the first time a running event has been allowed to do this since the brdge opened in 1964.” – Runner’s World

A half marathon is a huge achievement in itself but Vanessa will then be cycling between Salisbury and Bristol Cathedral the following day – a distance of 100 miles! (those involved in the Cycle4Rob will understand just how big a challenge this is!). Vanessa has just completed a training cycle between Salisbury Cathedral and Stonehenge and is looking forward to the challenge!

If you would like to support Vanessa in this amazing double event please visit her Donation Page.

Good luck with your training Vanessa and thank you for supporting Rob and his future.