Helping Rob cope with Tetraplegia

Stones away and Planning granted

The surgery to remove Rob’s stones went well although it does not seem to have got rid of the pain that he gets in his back or reduced the spasms- early days yet hopefully. They did leave a stent in which needs removing in 2-3 weeks but again we hope that it will not delay getting home. Good weather so BBQ again on Saturday – steak sandwiches this time. Went to the day room for a picnic lunch on Mother’s Day.

Mother's Day picnic

Mother’s Day picnic

With Dad having done his respiratory training during the week Rob was brave enough to allow him to do the necessary suction through the trachy tube during the quieter weekend. All seemed to go OK which means that we will be allowed a bit more family privacy at home on occasions rather than have to call the carers everytime Rob needs suction.
At his goal meeting it was decided that Rob should spend a night in the hospital flat which is used to see how you get on out of the ward environment. Rob’s carers were all set for Monday night but apparently there has to be a risk assessment done first so that should happen at the end of the week now.

Much relief today as we were given the great news that the planning permission for Rob’s annex has been passed. There is one final piece of ramping to complete and then all the temporary adaptations are done ready for Rob’s return home. Just all the equipment to arrive and stent out and then….

Building up the Vitamin D

Building up the Vitamin D