Helping Rob cope with Tetraplegia

Still lying there!

Christmas holidays have past, it is the end of the first week of the new Uni term and Rob is still lying in bed waiting for the pressure sore to heal. Rob’s loyal school friends have been fantastic in visiting Rob and bringing some of the parties to Rob’s annex so that he would not miss out totally but as Rob reaches the end of his second month lying flat on one side or the other the end of the tunnel still seems a long way off.

Tomos and Gwilym had their birthday party with Rob and a similar gang spent the first part of New Years Eve with Rob before leaving Rob to go to bed whilst they went on to party in town. Without the sore Rob would have been there too!

Tomos and Gwil's birthday party.

Tomos and Gwil’s birthday party.

New Year's Eve

New Year’s Eve

The Kendall family joined the Camm family for Christmas day but in order for Christmas dinner to be had in the main kitchen as usual part of the patio wall had to be taken down to allow Rob’s bed past – the design had allowed for wheelchair access rather than bed access!

Christmas with the Kendalls 2015

Christmas with the Kendalls 2015

Rob is showing huge resilience in how he is coping with this major setback and still “gets up ” each day by moving via the patio from his bedroom to living room. This happens whatever the blustery wet winter weather throws on the day and a quick dash seems to be better than a brolly. The days are long and consist of the necessary care and time spent on the computer interspersed with the odd game of rugby to watch. Extra time is needed for physiotherapy as while Rob is not getting up he needs more stretches to keep the range of movement in his joints and to try and reduce his spasms-
A system was put together with the help of a company Flatscreen Arms, Chris for the stand balance and Arthur for the fixing of the arms to the screens that has allowed Rob’s iMac and thunderbolt screen to be suspended over him. This made a huge difference as twisting to look at the screens when they were standing flat on a table had been causing Rob severe neck pain. Rob continues to show inspirational determination to succeed as he completes all his set reading and University exam essays using dragon and speech start voice recognition that he has worked so hard to set up. The lack of being able to use smart nav mouse control in bed has added to the difficulty but Rob takes that as another challenge to overcome.

Keeping up with course work and writing exam essays from bed

Keeping up with course work and writing exam essays from bed

The latest on the pressure sore having recently been seen by a tissue viability expert is the need to have an MRI scan to check out the healing process and for any underlying predisposing problems to be identified in an attempt to minimise the chance of any repeat performance. Certainly whatever the initial cause a lot has been learnt about pressure sores and their care.Rob is reminded daily of their seriousness as he lies in bed.