Helping Rob cope with Tetraplegia

How did I do 100 days of this?

Rob did not like this Monday as they found that he had a pressure sore that was not there the evening before. It has meant that he has been confined to bed all week and will only be allowed to sit in a chair for 1 hour today (Fri) and then if all ok build up time gradually again. It is a real reminder as to the vigilance that is needed in all aspects of Rob’s care.

Bed bound again

Bed bound again

Having said that things are progressing well with Rob getting to know his discharge care team and their training. New trachy put in place on Thursday (another Ikea moment) and hopefully this design will be the one that finally suits. Equipment is gradually turning up at home as the temporary adaptations are coming to completion.

Rob really appreciates and would like to thank all involved in the Wycliffe Big Brother event – those who took part, those who generously donated and especially Joe for the idea and organisation.