Helping Rob cope with Tetraplegia

Goal setting meeting

Had a multidisciplinary review and goal setting meeting yesterday which involved the whole medical team at Salisbury along with the discharge co-ordinator at Salisbury and the Continuing Healthcare commissioner from Gloucestershire. The good news is that rehabilitation is going very well and that it looks like Rob’s discharge date may be sooner than we thought. The reality is that the reason for getting home sooner than initially thought is because there is a lot of rehab that does not apply such as learning to get in and out of the chair independently. Still it will be great to get the family all together in Breadstone once again.
Rob’s chair continues to be modified to ensure maximum comfort- now up to 7 hours a day in the chair. The next goal here is to get onto a dry ventilator circuit for increasing amounts of time so that Rob can be wheeled around and get a change of scenery rather than have to stay at his bedside. With the six nations coming up time in front of the big telly in the day room sounds appealing.