Helping Rob cope with Tetraplegia

Goal meeting felt like “own goal” meeting

What a difference a day makes – at the goal meeting on Tuesday Rob learnt that his wheelchair order had not been processed so was offered another 4-6 week wait in hospital or go home on total bed rest whilst he waited for his own chair! Neither seemed like an offer that was acceptable – you can imagine the scene!!! Thankfully today Rob learnt that he would be allowed to borrow the spinal unit chair that he is using and so he is back on track for discharge in early April. Apparently it is very unusual for chairs to be loaned out.
Today also was the day that Rob succumbed to his mother’s pressure and just like the first day back from his gap year travels a haircut was the order of the day. Very appropriate that the barber was also the hospital florist as Rob said Happy Mother’s Day as he left the shop.

Who says I need a haircut?

Who says I need a haircut?

Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother’s Day

After the haircut we went to Springs restaurant and just as Dad returned with Rob’s milk shake the hospital fire alarm went off – as everyone else started to leave we realised that it was not a false alarm so we decided that we had better go to! Having to suddenly leave the cafe meant there was time to take the opportunity to visit Horatio’s Garden at the spinal unit -great to be in the fresh air. As Rob is nil by mouth tomorrow morning in preparation for kidney stone removal the day ended with an extra supper meal whilst watching Breaking Bad. Overall a good day.