Helping Rob cope with Tetraplegia

Fantastic Aspiring Solicitor Award but pressure sore concerns still overshadow many days

The blogging has certainly been quiet but Rob has continued to be busy over the last few months. Most notable success was getting on the top 5 people to watch list produced by the Aspiring Solicitors as part of their “Outstanding Academic Achievement Award 2016” The Aspiring Solicitor Group is committed to increasing diversity in the legal profession and reported that the submissions for the Outstanding Academic Achievement Award 2016 were nothing short of incredible. They felt inspired reading all submissions and found it extremely difficult not to recognise everyone’s submission! However 5 were elected for special recognition.This was a fantastic achievement and just reward for the time and effort that Rob puts in to his university course work and work placements. Out of this Rob has had offers from some London based law firms for work experience placements. Rob has taken up one offer but asked for it to be postponed until the Spring and had it transferred to the firm’s Bristol office. The time spent in London proved that all is possible even if logistically challenging but taking everything into consideration Bristol as a base may have as much to offer as London.

University work builds up towards finals in the summer of 2017 with several 3000 word essays needed to be done by early January. This quite understandably is taking up most of Rob’s time at the moment
As if the dreadful time with a grade 3 pressure sore was not enough last year Rob had a to cope with the consequenses of a cushion failure. A seal broke that left Rob sitting on the hard base of his chair for about 2-3 hours – just like a flat tyre when the top looks inflated the part of the cushion on show was full but the back was flat. It had the feared outcome of creating another sore which whilst it did not go as deep as the last it is still limiting Rob’s time up in his chair. He had to go back to total bed rest followed by a gradual getting up process of an hour a day for a few days and increasing very slowly over the following weeks. The very nature of these sores is that there is no hard and fast rule to follow and doing the same thing one day has a different outcome to the next in terms of skin reaction. Rob has an underlying constant worry as to whether he is sitting up for too long, his time out or being at work on his computer are all interrupted by hourly pressure relief techniques. This is hugely disruptive to getting on with life and trying to concentrate on his work.
Rob has had help from Salisbury nurses who have visited a couple of times to reassure him that he is doing all the right things but they cannot take away the constant worry that getting it wrong could mean months in bed again.

Great result with only 14 men!


Rob had been given money from Charles Thursby-Pelham Land’s End to John O’Groats cycle ride for a fun day out. The chosen trip was to go to Twickenham and watch England take on Argentina in the Autumn International series. 5 mins in with Daley being sent off it seemed like it would have been the wrong match to choose but in the end it turned out to be one of the best watched there followed by the England v Canada ladies match. The trip included staying in London for the night rather than rushing back home. It nearly all fell through when we reached the hotel which had claimed to have accessible rooms. What they forgot to say (and Dad failed to check!) was that the lift to the room was tiny – a bit of dismantleing of the back of the wheel chair and with Rob’s toes bent double we just made it but it was a close call.



Thanking the Way of the Roses cyclists for their huge fund raising efforts




One Sunday the group of cyclists who took Dad on their Coast to Coast 186 mile weekend jolly came round to meet Rob and enjoy an extended lunch reliving some of the tales of the trip. The generosity of many donors enabled the riders to raise a terrific sum which went towards an educational trust for Rob and the occasion allowed Rob to thank the cyclists in person.





Drinks at home before 23rd Birthday party at Malmaison



Rob waited for his 23rd Birthday party until most of his school friends were back in the area. The night started at Rob’s annex and then it was taxis to a private dining room at Malmaison in Cheltenham for dinner followed by a demonstration of cocktail making with the compulsory sampling. A great night was had by all but and it certainly was not Robert who needed all the caring the next morning!







New ditch found to tackle in the woods

Don’t forget me!



As Robert’s sore got better he has also managed to get back out in his all terrain chair and walk the dogs along with his Mum and Kirsty. New challenges were found in the woods just to give Rob’s mother heart failure!








Christmas dinner



Christmas 2017 was so much better than 2016 most notably because Rob could be sat up rather than being flat in his bed at the dining table. Decorations are down now and it is head down for finals.