Helping Rob cope with Tetraplegia

Charles Thursby-Pelham’s Land’s End to John O’Groats Cycle to give Rob a Nice Day Out

He made it!

He made it!




Charles Thursby-Pelham has completed his cycle from Land’s End to John O’Groats! A full update and photos can be found on his Fundraising Page.

Huge congratulations Charles! What a great achievement!









Charles is continuing to make good progress and is now well on his way through Scotland. Please visit his Fundraising Page for full updates!


Despite the bumpy going, Charles is making good progress!


Bumpy going!

Crossing the border

Crossing the border



“Day 4 saw me across the Severn Bridge into Wales – 83 miles from Chew Magna to Herefordshire! Now on day 6 I’ve just cycled through Blackburn, Lancashire where I can confirm that, though they were (mostly) rather small, there were indeed four thousand (pot) holes. I had to count them all.”









Ready for the off!

Ready for the off!




Charles’ first day went well, covering 76 miles from Land’s End to Looe. He also bumped into a couple of Berkeley locals, Dave and Angela Allen on the way! A great start to his journey!




Ready steady ....

Ready steady ….

Ian’s former vet colleague Charles Thursby-Pelham is setting off on a 13 day cycle to raise money for Rob to have “A Nice Day Out” after his particularly difficult start to 2016 having been confined to bed for over 3 months.

“When I first mentioned that I was going to cycle from Land’s End to John O’Groats people looked aghast. “But why?” they asked.
“Because it’s there.” I risposted heroically, puffing out my chest, and bringing to mind the great George Mallory. My audience looked at me as if they had just witnessed a talking dog. “No….but why are you doing it?”
What they were implying, of course, was that clearly I wasn’t up to the task. And that if I were, then I must be doing it for some charity.
Later, another friend suggested that I make the most of the challenge by picking a favourite cause and raising some money for it. They would happily donate. This got me thinking. I knew that Rob had had a pretty terrible year lying on his back following health complications. Why not try to raise some money to give him a proper treat? Something to look forward to. A Nice Day Out.

After speaking to Rob’s Uncle Mike, it transpires that a Nice Day Out for Rob would be well served by going to watch England play a rugby international at Twickenham in the autumn.
But Rob can’t do this outing in one day. He will need to stay overnight with his carers (and Dad) in a hotel near Twickenham. The cost of the outing will probably be about £1500. This is the target.

Packing Essentials!

Packing Essentials!


I am starting from Land’s End on 7 June and aim to arrive at John O’Groats on 19 June. It is nearly a thousand miles and I will be cycling between 60 and 100 miles a day. I have been doing quite a lot of training, but the furthest I have ever cycled up until now is 60 miles. I was knackered! I’m not sure how I will get on cycling more than I have ever done before, every day, for 13 days. I will be carrying all my stuff (see photo!). There is no back-up vehicle. I will keep you updated. Please donate generously for Rob’s Nice Day Out.” – Charles Thursby-Pelham

We wish Charles the very best of luck for his challenge and will be keeping everyone up to date with his progress. If you would like to support Charles and help give Rob a Nice Day Out please visit Charles’ Fundraising Page to add your donation.