Helping Rob cope with Tetraplegia

Busy days

Can’t really believe how busy it can be. Lots of physio and OT work, meeting reps about types of wheelchairs, looking at chin control mechanisms for the power chairs, meeting various care agency nurses, working on the dragon voice recognition with the Aspire volunteers. Rob seems to spend hours answering questions for the very helpful work and pension lady who is filling out the necessary benefit forms – can’t remember how many times Rob has had to say no to the question “Are you pregnant?”. Still waiting (NHS style!) to have kidney stones removed and hopefully sooner rather than later as they seem to be causing more and stronger spasms- nearly got out of the chair yesterday!!
Robs ward went through a spell of changing faces as the spare bed was used as a short stay overspill bed for the rest of the hospital. Now the group of 4 seems stable and everyone gets on very well – Rob known as an English rugby fan who essentially eats anything with meat in it shares the ward with a Welshman, a football supporter and a vegan!!
The days finish off with time on eyegaze Skyping mates, facebook, listening to music or beating Dad at chess!