Helping Rob cope with Tetraplegia

The weekend seemed a bit up and down. Rob had another autonomic dysreflexia episode thought to be due to movement of one of his kidney stones – not nice. Having got over that the next day’s Sunday lunch was a family occasion joining others in the day room for a ploughman’s generously given by the volunteers of Horatio’s Garden. Lovely leek and potato soup as it was St David’s Day along with bread and cheese and of course our own home made Scotch Eggs! Really uplifting to hear of Joe Dunne’s Wycliffe Big Brother event and the Wotton family half marathon run this weekend.Big thanks to everyone involved.

Ploughman's lunch in the Day room

Ploughman’s lunch in the Day room

Unfortunately the trachy tube still is not right so yet another change – every change

Blackout - what you get for cheek to the nurses!

Blackout – what you get for cheek to the nurses!

is likened to a trip to Ikea with his Mum!