Helping Rob cope with Tetraplegia

Thursday saw a big celebration at the spinal unit as they were presented with a new patient minibus donated by The Southern Spinal Injuries Trust. This will enable more patients  to be taken into the city with their carers as part of their rehabilitation programme. Whilst Rob is not quite ready for that he did enjoy the buffet lunch which followed the presentation! The afternoon saw Rob start to get to grips with the Dragon voice recognition software under the guidance of volunteers from the Aspire charity. It will take time to become proficient  with it but it will be an essential tool for Rob’s  future education and career.

photofirst day outside in a chair

Today saw another milestone reached as Rob made it outside in his chair for the first time, 125 days since his accident. The windsock in the background would suggest that a coat may have been appropriate but the smile says that Rob did not care. Whilst this was going on Mum and Dad travelled  firstly to Bedford and then to Melton to see two inspirational men, both called Matt, who have been so helpful to Rob and family in showing just what can be done rather than what cannot be done. We are all truly grateful to both Matt King and Matt Hampson for all their help and encouragement.